Ironkill, free robot fighting game for Android and iOS

In this post, I will describe our free robot fighting game, Ironkill which is available for Android and iOS. Ironkill is an action packed, metal pounding robot fighting game where you can build your robots and defeat champions across territories while you play.

The Ironkill Story

In early 21st century, robotics technology was used extensively and fully functional robots were developed. Initially robots were used just for household activities and for weather monitoring. Sooner than you think, robots were everywhere. They made their way in our homes, shops, train stations and even in our streets. Robotics Industries started to build them in assembly lines and they quickly became popular. Who wouldn’t like robots? They are never tired, never complained about anything and are always ready to help. Then, there was this devastating Wildfire in California which was getting out of control. Robots came to the rescue. They got people out of the harm’s way and saved billions of dollars worth of property. Earlier they were just tools to make life simpler. Now, they were heroes. Due to this incident practical applications of robots increased exponentially and superior robots were developed. Soon, robot fighting contests gained popularity. It was an unsanctioned and illegal sport. The sport itself was called – Ironkill.

Not everyone considered robots as heroes. Some people thought they would one day turn on us and take control. However, fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony. In 2030, colossal asteroids known as “The God Hammer” struck in the mid Atlantic. It was as if someone took a gigantic hammer and had a go at the Earth with intense fury. Water rose to catastrophic proportions and the world was washed away. In the aftermath of the deluge, robots again came to the rescue. They took people out of the debris, protected them from other people and helped in rebuilding what we could from the ruins.

God Hammer changed everything. There was shortage of food and water. The World became a cold and dark place. From that darkness emerged bandits and raiders who plagued the survivor settlements. Life was difficult in the new world. The only thing that didn’t change was the attitude of the robots. They fought with the looters and the raiders and protected the settlements. Thus, peace was restored by the robots and Ironkill leagues were formed around every settlement. A settlement which had a decent Ironkill robot fighter was considered safe. Soon, the survivor settlements started linking up. People started trading goods and other items. When a dispute arose, it was resolved by the robots by using the Ironkill league rules. By the time the world was connected again, there were three power blocs – Greater Asia, The African Union and The Americas.

Here are the Ironkill champions from Greater Asia, The African Union and The Americas:

1) Sumoist Noodle: Sumoist Noodle is a powerful, heavy-weight Generation-1 Greater Asian robot. His signature move is Shini-Tai, which involves putting the opponent on the ground.

Sumoist Noodle

2) Sunshine girl: Sunshine girl is a slick, light-weight Generation-1 Greater Asian robot. Sunshine girl was basically a domestic model from Shingu Industries which was converted in to a fighting bot. Her signature move is Sun flower where she rotates with her arms wide open and strikes repeatedly at her opponent.

Sunshine girl

3) Sandman: Sandman is an infamous, light-weight Generation-1 African Union robot. Originally a general humanoid service robot from Dortmund Industries, Sandman was fully customized with glowing LED eyes and other custom body work. His signature move is Sleeper Hold where he grabs and twists the head of his opponents.


4 ) Executioner: Executioner is a heavy-weight Generation-1 robot from The Americas. Executioner is equipped with heavy armor plating and carries a powerful hammer. His signature move is off with their head, where he swings the hammer to decapitate the head of his opponent.


5) Bayonet Pete: Bayonet Pete is a light-weight Generation-1 robot from The Americas. Originally from Boston Dynamic Atlas3, Bayonet Pete was customized and added two blades in his forearms. His signature move is bayonet charge, which involves hitting the opponent with blades.

Bayonet Pete

6) Communist Smasher: Communist Smasher is a heavy-weight Generation-1 robot from The African Union. He is equipped with two powerful hammers in his forearms. His signature move is hammer time which involves smashing the opponent with hammers.

Communist Smasher

Features of the game:

1) 13 distinctive robots: Ironkill features 13 distinctive robots with each having unique abilities and signature moves. You can use any one of these robots to fight with the enemy bots.

2) Fight with enemy bots: To clear levels in the game you have to select a robot as per your choice and then fight with your opponents. Moves include swift quick attacks, powerful heavy attacks, block and unique revenge moves. Each bot also has two different special abilities like stun, vigor, activate armor, etc.

3) Types of fights: You will be challenged with the following types of fights:

i) KO (Knock Out) fights: You have to knock out your opponent to win.

ii) Best of 3 fights: To clear a round based fight you need to win two rounds in a three round fight.

iii) Time attack fights: To win, you have to knock out your opponent within the specified time duration.

iv) Survival fights: To win, you have to survive in the ring for the specified time duration.

4) Become the Champion: During the game play you will be challenged by enemies and current champions across territories. You have to defeat them to become the champion of Ironkill across Generations.

5) Upgrade your robots: When you win the fights you will receive gold and gems which you can use to upgrade your robot’s health, damage caused by quick and heavy attacks and performing tech research that further makes them more powerful against the opponents.

6) Different types of game modes: Apart from Championship league fights you can also take part in faction events and exhibition fights.