Five giant robots that prove size is everything

We’ve seen human-sized androids and miniature nanotech aplenty, but when it comes down to it, the thing we’re always going to be most impressed by with our mechanical friends are when they’re huge as skyscrapers. From Hollywood to Toho, here are five of the best giant robots.





You’re playing Titanfall, right? And if not, why the heck not? This Xbox (and PC) exclusive online multiplayer game features your traditional first person shooter mechanics, along with the ability to summon the titular Titans to leap into and cause some serious damage with. And boy, do we enjoy causing serious damage in a Titan.



pacific rim

Pacific Rim’s giant robots Jaegers defend humanity from the threat of massive, interdimensional Kaiju. Think giant robots punching Godzilla, essentially, piloted by two soldiers who have to be perfectly in sync to make all the epic scrapping possible (SPOILER ALERT they totally manage it).




Giant robots have their whole own genre in Japan, best exemplified by the never ending Gundam series that seem to be constantly getting released. Not that we’re complaining, because each redesign of the big metal suits is super cool.




You can’t swing a midochlorian without hitting a brilliant giant robot, but we’re gonna have to pick the AT-AT walkers from Star Wars as our favourites. If only because seeing them get tripped up and explode in the opening of the Empire Strikes Back is always fun.


The Megazord


Okay, so whilst there’s a lot of good giant robots around the world, it’s by combining the powers of Japan and the USA that we get the best one. Separate the Power Rangers are an impressive bunch, superpowered adolescents who each have their own robots. Combined to the powerful Megazord, however, they’re unstoppable – and stylish.