Action fever affects Playmotion team outside the studio as well!



Action game makers Play motion studio's team'outing

From making action themed games like Iron Kill inside the Playmotion studio to participating in extremely adventurous sports, the Playmotion team does them all. The team recently visited a  remote place some 300kms away from Hyderabad. The above photo was captured before the trekking and rock climbing were done, hence the smiling and untired faces.  This was what Nitish, one of the digital marketers for the action game, Iron Kill,  was quoted saying  regarding the trip,  ” This road trip taught me more about team work and the importance of always having your team mate’s back, no matter what. I remember after trekking for around 5 kms, I was tired and if not for the motivation from my team mates, I would have definitely given up! It is definitely a sweet memory that will stay in my heart for many more years to come”.

As a great sportsman once said ” Surround yourself with people who can challenge you both mentally and physically” So, what are you still waiting for? Interested in working with an action packed gaming studio like ours? Mail us at Want to see which positions are open at the moment? Visit: Careers